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This Week in Dose Response 5

This Week in Dose Response highlight game changes done in the last week or so. It is inspired by the weekly thread at the roguelikedev subreddit.

(Dose Response is a small open-world roguelike where you play an addict)

Changes this week:

Disappeared Victory NPC signpost

During the endgame, a Victory NPC appears and the player must get to them without getting high. If they do use a dose, the NPC would disappear. Which can be confusing.

So now they leave a signpost behind and when the player bumps into it, they’ll get a message explaining what happened.

Fixed crash on starting a new game in the Web version

Unfortunately, using WebAssembly means occasionally dropping down to raw pointers which can mean crashes. Starting a new game without reloading the page now works again.

Added version, build information and license directly in the game

In case the player only has the game’s executable (without the corresponding readme or other files) and wants to report a bug I’d still like to know exactly which version they’re running.

That information is now in a new help page, so they can just send me a screenshot of that. Plus stuff like the licensing information, homepage etc.

And the same info is now present in the game log produced on startup.