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This Week in Dose Response 6

This Week in Dose Response highlight game changes done in the last week or so. It is inspired by the weekly thread at the roguelikedev subreddit.

(Dose Response is a small open-world roguelike where you play an addict)

Changes this week:

Give companion NPCs same speed as the player

When a NPC accompanies (a sober) player, one of the bonuses they can impart is doubling the movement speed. That meant the player could outrun the NPC and since the world can be (semi) infinite, the NPC could get outside of the actively simulated area and the bonus would disappear. I threw a few good runs over this.

So companion NPCs will now always match player’s speed.

Double the food bonus

No matter how deep into a withdrawal you are, eating food will now get you sober. That makes the rule easier to understand, but it also means eating food will make you last twice as long now.

I worried this would screw up the balance but I still can’t win this damn thing.

Remove window scaling in winit

While SDL2 is the default windowing backend, we do support winit & glutin – the pure Rust alternatives. By default, winit tries to guess a DPI correction based on the display which results in 1.6 scaling on my machine. And that means the game’s tiles look fuzzy.

We only have a single font size right now, anything else gets scaled up by the GPU.

I’ll want to make all this more responsive with dynamic font sizes some day, but for now, I’ve just forced a 1x scaling across the board. You can always resize the window if you want.

Speaking of scaling and fuzzy fonts, I’ve got a 4K monitor now so here’s Dose Response in 3840 x 2160 pixels.

And finally, I’ve updated a few code dependencies and did a bit of cleanup. Busy work with no observable benefit, but it made me a little happier :-).