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Dose Response is coming to Steam

I’m delighted to announce that Dose Response is coming to Steam!

Dose Response screenshot

Compared to the currently-available 1.0 version, the new release will feature Actual Graphics™, music & sound effects, improved UI and a full mouse support.

I don’t know when the game will be released. I’d love to do it this year, but between work, personal life and having a one-month-old baby, it is completely up in the air.

The initial release will be on Windows and Linux. I’d love to do a MacOS release as well, but between Apple’s developer license fees and code signing requirements, that’s something I’ll investigate later. The sales of the game will also play a role in the decision.

You can go to the Dose Response Steam page:

By adding the game to your wishlist, you’ll be notified when it’s out ;-).